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Friday, June 19, 2009

Kindness :)

I mentioned during a previous class how sweet that blue light/invisible ink pen was.
***In my day...I'm not old*** the pen and the light were separate and not all that cool. The new version scores high on the "Da-yum" scale. Well Ayaka was listening and today she gave one to me.
She listened,remembered and got me one.
That's a "solid" in my book.
(a.k.a) Ayaka is great!! :)

Thanks for the cool little toy!!

I have been using my hand as a notebook for years and realized recently that A LOT of my students do to!!
I can imagine some mother asking them ...

"That's dirty!! where did you get that bad habit??"

"Chris teacher does it mommy!!"

(reminder to self)
***When you posses the power of influence...use it wisely*** ;)