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Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Japanese girls, Perfect Park!!

I tested this out on some young kids and was very pleased with the results.

They had to write about their own "Perfect Park" and draw a picture which matched the written description. Since their young and still getting the hang of the grammar, I was mostly interested in them expressing themselves the best they could. I fixed some mistakes and left others for another day. This was not a grammar test, and too much red pen can make a kid feel down so, some errors will be addressed another time.


Chinami drew a GORGEOUS park!! and she is a really great student who did exactly what I asked and she did it well. Thanks Chinami!! :)
Honoka is younger and she decided to do a "joint venture" with ELMO himself!! A badminton game with the real ELMO and a helicopter ride with the real Cookie Monster will cost adults 50,000yen each while kids get in for ONLY 10,000 yen each!!

Rubbing shoulders with famous characters will cost ya ;)

They have been keeping up with their diaries as well HERE