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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ikura. The "retired" Boss Cat

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The WP Polaroid theme lost all the hosted images so I got hosed. This site is under cunstruction for about a week thanks for being patient. Yeah, 1 more thing to do that I have no time for fuUUUUUU__!!

He has seen better days. HERE and HERE I saw this cat pull off an amazing comeback and give himself another season of love and glory (cat love...the kind that keeps ya up at night). After losing to a massive cat.(The biggest cat I have ever seen. like a big muscular black panther except smaller like a cat on roids'...about 2x Ikura's size) and almost dying, I nursed him back to health and then he and his warrior heart did the rest, with a major display of "Ass-kicking". Well that massive cat had a brother and he looks like the new Boss? Enjoy...

I saw him "pon-chan" with a piece of his own flesh dangling from his neck yesterday. Welcome to the top!!

The neighbor said Ikura spends his days on a neighbors roof with a pretty black female snuggled up tight :) Enjoy my man!! I always got dried fish and cheese waiting whenever you come round!!

I had a buncha kids classes today. This kid is a future "Top 10" member....for sure!!