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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I smell....Eiken!!

The "Honeycomb" game :(

She's just 8 but she's getting the hang of it!!

A page from Moe's sticker collection. I think she wanted a picture taken of it and posted? Here you go :)

It's about to get very Eikenish around here for them. I want them to be the best at English in their School. Speaking,Reading and Writing. Like the sign says..
Go Big, or Go Home!!

This was my only kids class today.
The rest is adults ALL day!! Luckily this is the only day of the week that the adults out weigh the kids.

They are 8,8,9 and they are about to get Eikened!! The earlier the better. My students get lonely at test time. They are usually the only one in their grade taking test #___. This is a conversation school but I can prep them for a test along the way. It's all about vocabulary anyway, so it's not hard to merge the two. I make my own originals which are variations of the standard tests.

On a sad note,
"Moko Moko" a 3 year old tiger patterned cat and mother of 4 kittens crawled up to the back entrance and died this morning. Why? No obvious marks or injuries and she appeared healthy. She had internal injuries via an accident or...poison?

If it's the latter that person is living very dangerously. I will write "Karma" on my chest and be the deliverer of some cat "justice". Lord deliver me to Evil so that I may take vengeance upon it!! (something like that) If this kind of thing happens again I'm gonna slip into "hunter" mode. I hope I'm being paranoid and it was just a sad accident. She was buried with a nice view from a mountain top.

4 kittens need some help.....looks like I just added some stuff to my schedule :)