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Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Japanese girls, Perfect Park!!

I tested this out on some young kids and was very pleased with the results.

They had to write about their own "Perfect Park" and draw a picture which matched the written description. Since their young and still getting the hang of the grammar, I was mostly interested in them expressing themselves the best they could. I fixed some mistakes and left others for another day. This was not a grammar test, and too much red pen can make a kid feel down so, some errors will be addressed another time.


Chinami drew a GORGEOUS park!! and she is a really great student who did exactly what I asked and she did it well. Thanks Chinami!! :)
Honoka is younger and she decided to do a "joint venture" with ELMO himself!! A badminton game with the real ELMO and a helicopter ride with the real Cookie Monster will cost adults 50,000yen each while kids get in for ONLY 10,000 yen each!!

Rubbing shoulders with famous characters will cost ya ;)

They have been keeping up with their diaries as well HERE

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I smell....Eiken!!

The "Honeycomb" game :(

She's just 8 but she's getting the hang of it!!

A page from Moe's sticker collection. I think she wanted a picture taken of it and posted? Here you go :)

It's about to get very Eikenish around here for them. I want them to be the best at English in their School. Speaking,Reading and Writing. Like the sign says..
Go Big, or Go Home!!

This was my only kids class today.
The rest is adults ALL day!! Luckily this is the only day of the week that the adults out weigh the kids.

They are 8,8,9 and they are about to get Eikened!! The earlier the better. My students get lonely at test time. They are usually the only one in their grade taking test #___. This is a conversation school but I can prep them for a test along the way. It's all about vocabulary anyway, so it's not hard to merge the two. I make my own originals which are variations of the standard tests.

On a sad note,
"Moko Moko" a 3 year old tiger patterned cat and mother of 4 kittens crawled up to the back entrance and died this morning. Why? No obvious marks or injuries and she appeared healthy. She had internal injuries via an accident or...poison?

If it's the latter that person is living very dangerously. I will write "Karma" on my chest and be the deliverer of some cat "justice". Lord deliver me to Evil so that I may take vengeance upon it!! (something like that) If this kind of thing happens again I'm gonna slip into "hunter" mode. I hope I'm being paranoid and it was just a sad accident. She was buried with a nice view from a mountain top.

4 kittens need some help.....looks like I just added some stuff to my schedule :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Manga as an English Study tool.

We spent the entire class talking about "Switch Girl" book #1. It's about a girl who is beautiful and popular at school, but when she goes home she literally "switches" into "O'basan" mode. And the main boy is like "Clark Kent" by day (Japanese version of course) and the coolest boy around ...after School.

It is very interesting for the student to explain it to me and since it's all in English ....I'm a very happy teacher!!

Tomoe is great!! We will start again on book 1 next week :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saved by Saturday...again :)

Counting money can bring out the "smiles" :) She finally exchanged all the $1's for $20's!!

Their class is getting harder, keeping it fun is the challenge!!

Minami gets 100%...Again!!

Saki rockin' the Red/Black's

I love Saturdays because there are no adults, (no offense to my adult students) but kids got sponges for brains!! The can learn as fast as you can teach them!! The perfect way to end my work week. One of the perks of doing your own School is you can control your schedule. The last day of my week is my favorite and I'll make sure that never changes :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Kindness :)

I mentioned during a previous class how sweet that blue light/invisible ink pen was.
***In my day...I'm not old*** the pen and the light were separate and not all that cool. The new version scores high on the "Da-yum" scale. Well Ayaka was listening and today she gave one to me.
She listened,remembered and got me one.
That's a "solid" in my book.
(a.k.a) Ayaka is great!! :)

Thanks for the cool little toy!!

I have been using my hand as a notebook for years and realized recently that A LOT of my students do to!!
I can imagine some mother asking them ...

"That's dirty!! where did you get that bad habit??"

"Chris teacher does it mommy!!"

(reminder to self)
***When you posses the power of influence...use it wisely*** ;)

The "Pen Wars" return!!

The "Pen Wars" have flared up again, but I'm pretty sure Chinami is safe :).....for now?? Kana??

The Boys class are great at saving money. But when it comes to counting and spending the loot...nobody touches the girls classes!!

X-files in the hizzouse bio__h!! ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The "Switch Girl" :)

We spent just about the whole class talking about the storyline of the manga she is reading right now which is called "Switch Girl". I don't read manga (comic books), but I might have if i had grown up in a country town?? Anyway...
She did a really good job explaining a very complex story :) I'm looking forward to next weeks class where we will pick up where we left off!!

I do also teach some boys :)
And this group is the best (as a class) in my whole School. A kind of proof of concept for my strict measuring ultra competitive teaching style

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Girls Manga, Money, and a Cat

A couple of diaries to get the Saturday ball a rollin' :)

What comics are popular with Japanese girls?? Your looking at a couple :)

These girls are saving some serious cash!!!

Um....did I say he was dethroned?? My bad!! I went outside yesterday to see him kicking the crapola outta the one I thought was the new Boss..."Pon chan". Ikura it seems, is still the Boss (and has a obvious hatred for his competition) and now I know who ripped a chunk off of Pon's neck.
Like LL said..

"Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear...."

A peek... just a peek...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Blog got hosed!!! F___!!

In the middle of speaking...

I will update the diary page very soon...seriously. When I get an 8th day added to my week :)

Big money....
***Waits for the shopping spree*** :)

Another DS game to up that level!!


I had the "WP Polaroid" template which I loved. Then I wake up and find all the BG images are gone?? How do you F-up a photobucket account?? It was not mine (the account) but images...
How the F does that happen?? server down?? for 2 days?? My other blog was fine so i said f-it and spent 5 hours of my life setting up a new blog I'll delete soon.

In Real Estate they say it's location, location, location. And any I.T. will tell you it's backup, backup, backup....

I shoulda manually copied every BG image and hosted it on my own account.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ikura. The "retired" Boss Cat

******This site is "under construction" ;(********

The WP Polaroid theme lost all the hosted images so I got hosed. This site is under cunstruction for about a week thanks for being patient. Yeah, 1 more thing to do that I have no time for fuUUUUUU__!!

He has seen better days. HERE and HERE I saw this cat pull off an amazing comeback and give himself another season of love and glory (cat love...the kind that keeps ya up at night). After losing to a massive cat.(The biggest cat I have ever seen. like a big muscular black panther except smaller like a cat on roids'...about 2x Ikura's size) and almost dying, I nursed him back to health and then he and his warrior heart did the rest, with a major display of "Ass-kicking". Well that massive cat had a brother and he looks like the new Boss? Enjoy...

I saw him "pon-chan" with a piece of his own flesh dangling from his neck yesterday. Welcome to the top!!

The neighbor said Ikura spends his days on a neighbors roof with a pretty black female snuggled up tight :) Enjoy my man!! I always got dried fish and cheese waiting whenever you come round!!

I had a buncha kids classes today. This kid is a future "Top 10" member....for sure!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces of today...

A day in the life..

Inspecting the goods and giving it a "Thumbs-up" or "Thumbs down", Japanese girls style.

A quick read to keep the level up....

A read recommended. Sadly I can't read Japanese but it does sound like an interesting read.