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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Money Laundering in Japan ;)

I like to have fun with post titles because it's fun to watch the search terms that drive them here. This is probably not what they were looking for :) This site is obviously for my personal enjoyment, as any number of prospective students who have visited may have been totally confused and moved right along...!!!

WTF is this guy doing?? and don't even translate my stuff to Japanese cuz it looks even worse. Lotsa people "screw that pooch" (wonder what that translates to in Japanese)??


Do girls have a 'Shopping Gene" that boys don't possess?? Because the girls shop till they drop and the boys are holding their cash for some unforeseen event??
We spent 15 minutes exchanging money (money laundering) and then they just pocketed their loot?? There are no DSi's over the horizon boys!! I think they love to hold on to it because...even fake money feels good to the touch???

They gotta shop to launder the money!! I gotta explain the "cleaning" phase of the "laundering scheme" ;)