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Thursday, May 28, 2009

It keeps getting harder!!

I like diaries with pictures because I have major A.D.H.D. :)
Nodoka is getting better so I'm very happy with her effort right now!!

They wanted their picture taken in the "Obama Chair" (that's what they call it)..and so it came to pass.
I just had a Moses moment??

Moving along...

This is getting REALLY hard to do but the effect it has in motivating the kids is immeasurable so, it continues, but not without a lot of stress, second guessing and head scratching along the way.
It might change based on the final classes of the month for some students.

If you miss 1 homework assignment or are absent during the month (among other rules) you are not able to make the list automatically so that thins out the bunch a bit but this is still way hard!!