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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Excellence!! and stuff :)

She is #1 in her grade and class overall and in every subject but 1, where she is #2 :) Her brother is so great that he is 1st year H.S. studying conversation with advanced adults and talking about stuff like "string theory". Now it looks like his little sister is going to be as good or even better!! They have great parents by the way. I have come to learn, that behind most good kids, stands a great parent or two :)
Congratulations to Tomoe for being GREAT!!!

I will knock down a wall I built over an old room that will now sub as the "Store". This stuff is growing like a vine, so, it needs it's own space now :)

I was teaching a J.H. student about "Plan B's" and thought of the irony. I went to School to be a Radiologist. While I was doing a turn in the "Emergency room" just observing as part of my credits I witnessed a little girl trying to be revived, unsuccessfully (she drowned in a family pool). I was in the room when the Mother was informed of her death, and the sounds the girls Mother made were ones I never want to hear again....a life altered that will never be the same and I witnessed it so that was my last day going after my "Plan A".

Always have a "Plan B". Smart people usually do.

I charge them $2 per month (fake money) to protect their money. I offer it and if anyone refuses (cheapskate without forethought), they will be stunned to realize how serious I am about it.

Teacher!! I lost $200 I had been saving for 2 months and I was going to buy ___ today!!

Let me see your Bank book, are you insured??


Sorry ____, your not insured so it's all gone. Welcome to life and the idea of preparing for the unexpected. If your Mom calls complaining I'm going to tell her "I don't speak Japanese, I'm busy, goodbye.

End of story.

Nu nu nu Next!!