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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adult Student Setup

This is what a properly prepared adult students prep should look like. Diary, Mainichi topic w/opinion, notebook for new words, dictionary, (+).
Good Job!! (lot's of things to talk about in the conversation class)

This is a message to Adult students who act like kids:
If you want the most from a lesson please come prepared and do what I ask or go join another School!!
Do your damn H.W. and your diary or go fly a ___ing kite!!!

sometimes I wish this was a "Kids Only" School. They study,listen, remember and always do their H.W. unless they wanna get ripped by me. If the no tie, surf shorts with t-shirt didn't convince them I'm different from other teachers then my "reaction" the first time they fail to show pride and respect definitely does ;)
That only happens once :)

Kids have a clear sense of fairness even if they don't always display it themselves. So my style works good for them. They are simple to understand because their face usually matches their hearts (smile = happy) etc..

Compared with some adults it's as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot summers day!!