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Thursday, April 2, 2009

School and Party news

Got a couple girls to start spending some of that green!! They were thrilled like they got lucky but it was just the reward for their effort really. Instead of a sweet or a seal they saved and got something useful and... are learning how to count,exchange and use money. It's a "Win Win" situation.

I am starting to gather the partystuff and there is less than half in this photo. Waaaay less than half. The logistics of this party are it's nightmare. Also Tim gave me his horseshoe set for keeps and pointed me towards a kids friendly (not get killed by a rogue horseshoe) version.

Another Japanese adult woman's view of her own country. Always very interesting to get hers and other adult students opinions about what is going on here in Japan.

Nodoka has joined the "Pen Patrol" I may make a special gallery just for all the girls pen collections ;)