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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The 2009 Hanami BBQ

The weather was AWESOME!! The music was thumping thanks to a banging ipod playlist supplied by Jason. Basically it was a beautiful day with a great little Kickball tournament, some Hawaiian food and a "Hip-hop/Gangster rap" soundtrack in the background......Very very su-weet!!

Some "Shout-outs" go to:

Jason, for major helping and supplying critical (for me), music to keep the whole thing flowing..thumping ;)

Yumie, for keeping the burgers coming!!
Reiko, for doing lotsa everything.
Keiko. M, for helping in many many ways.
Toshiko, for always keeping an eye on the kids
Miho, for being the P.E. teacher of the day!!
Ann Alisa, for being sooo cool to work with!!
Yumiko's family for helping clean up a lot of stuff

and ALL PRAISE BE UNTO WAKA!!! For being the caterer of all caterers. She IS the grease that keeps this machine working!!

I thank everyone who helped in anyway including, the "BIG MAN" upstairs for giving me a more beautiful day than I could have imagined or hoped for!!

Some more pics are in my sidebar to the right!!

Were roasting a Cow or multiple Prime Ribs for the next bash !! See everyone there!!