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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yu-Gi-Oh!! Japanese "Battle" cards

Most of the students are girls but, I have a few boys and they all pretty much want Yu-Gi-Oh cards. One of my students got himself a pack yesterday and he looked pretty pleased!! He has come a LONG way since last year so I am more than happy to give (not give, he earned) him more motivation to keep on going!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Game on!!

Thanks to M.E.S English for providing excellent teaching materials for free!! (Link to his site on my sidebar)

Chikako got a "Chance" card so she had to stand on one leg and repeat the alphabet for 1 minute. The next class ordered me to write "I love the Japanese president very much" 10x in 60 seconds and I failed :(
(There is no Japanese "President" but it wasn't the time to mention that. They were too busy laughing at me anyway so they would not have got the point)

The first class got a listening test to start with. Next week will be a writing/listening test with the same vocabulary.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Listening Test

One definite benefit of having a 7.1 surround sound system in the classroom is that the listening tests sound very clear from any position in the room. They have had countless listening tests from me. (Every class is basically that when you think about it)If they are not talking then I am...and they have to catch it all. Today I used a "generic/computer robot" sounding womans voice off an mp3 audio file test and it was definitely different from my voice.

1 student was absent and 1 got 90% and the other 100% so I am pleased and I'll start doing it regularly, as it is quick and all ready to go in a minute or 2.

100%'er in the house!!!!
This money idea has really got her focusing :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Minami and Tomoe go shopping ;)

Minami reached $150.00 and got the McDonald's card!!! I'm very happy she's such a great student!!! I really am lucky to run my own school and be able to motivate these kids anyway I can.

Results > Everything else.

Tomoe decided to try negotiating with me :) I had to teach her the difference between "crazy" and "tough negotiating" (Her original offer was $10 for an $89.00 item) But we both found a price we could be happy English of course :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Nintendo DSi = Cool Tool

I'm sure this thing can help with English studying (Like the regular DS) But all I saw today was the "WOW" factor...and I gotta say....WOW!!! a.k.a, Dayum!!! We have come a loooong way since Pong/Atari 2600(?) days.

There is more processing power in that "Toy" than it took to send man to the moon.

I want one!!! ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My "Shopaholic" Class ;)

These girls shop till they're broke and already have their eyes on some new stuff at the "Store". This is really a lot of fun and they don't even know they're better at counting and exchanging money (U.S.) than most adults in Japan :)

I am always interested in my adult students opinions about Japan and World news and events

My Bash in the Chugoku Shimbun!!

So They (a kind woman reporter ) joined and put my party in the regional newspaper. There were more than 145 members and none of the kids pictured is from my School (though one of my students is quoted). The reporter will also join the Summer Beach/Hula/Magic 3x Prime Ribber. with Soft cream/Cotton candy and Shaved ice.

That's...The REAL Bash!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cute victory and 500yen card..Get?...Got!!! :)

Despite all my sales pitches (at my little discount shop) and super discounts..Chinami saved and got her book card!! She is a great student and I'm happy she can manage her money better than me ;)

The sales I do make are mostly ELMO and Miss Bunny goods. FWIW!!

The battle is over and the "Ultimate Cute Pen Collection" war is over.

Or is it???

A "Runner-up" who gave it a good shot!!!! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Get the Sale!!!

My Japanese kids taught me their version of "Kosho-suru" which basically means negotiate in Japanese. And they got some real "steals' today. Teacher is a softy for a smile and a some cash of course ;)

This is the classroom "cashbox". The big money is safe in a cardboard box, painted black and sealed with a steel cable lock. get it?....never mind :)

Another pic of pens. I started something that will never stop. I'm expecting (by rumor mill) the "Mother lode" on Saturday

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The 2009 Hanami BBQ

The weather was AWESOME!! The music was thumping thanks to a banging ipod playlist supplied by Jason. Basically it was a beautiful day with a great little Kickball tournament, some Hawaiian food and a "Hip-hop/Gangster rap" soundtrack in the background......Very very su-weet!!

Some "Shout-outs" go to:

Jason, for major helping and supplying critical (for me), music to keep the whole thing flowing..thumping ;)

Yumie, for keeping the burgers coming!!
Reiko, for doing lotsa everything.
Keiko. M, for helping in many many ways.
Toshiko, for always keeping an eye on the kids
Miho, for being the P.E. teacher of the day!!
Ann Alisa, for being sooo cool to work with!!
Yumiko's family for helping clean up a lot of stuff

and ALL PRAISE BE UNTO WAKA!!! For being the caterer of all caterers. She IS the grease that keeps this machine working!!

I thank everyone who helped in anyway including, the "BIG MAN" upstairs for giving me a more beautiful day than I could have imagined or hoped for!!

Some more pics are in my sidebar to the right!!

Were roasting a Cow or multiple Prime Ribs for the next bash !! See everyone there!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Japanese girls like (Vongola)

My best student getting a perfect score on a listening test.

This is the hot Manga/Comic book right now. According to the "Authority" in such things. I don't read comic books but a lot of my students (girls) are carrying around "REBORN" or "VONGOLA" which has the same main character so it's great too!? That's the 411 I'm getting :)

A diary with "REBORN" pics. (sorry for the terrible camera quality. I really need to get a new camera someday.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

School and Party news

Got a couple girls to start spending some of that green!! They were thrilled like they got lucky but it was just the reward for their effort really. Instead of a sweet or a seal they saved and got something useful and... are learning how to count,exchange and use money. It's a "Win Win" situation.

I am starting to gather the partystuff and there is less than half in this photo. Waaaay less than half. The logistics of this party are it's nightmare. Also Tim gave me his horseshoe set for keeps and pointed me towards a kids friendly (not get killed by a rogue horseshoe) version.

Another Japanese adult woman's view of her own country. Always very interesting to get hers and other adult students opinions about what is going on here in Japan.

Nodoka has joined the "Pen Patrol" I may make a special gallery just for all the girls pen collections ;)