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Friday, March 13, 2009

Yeah, I got Balls!!

I got Balls!! Just look at those two big beauties!!!

Of the whole deal the, laminating and cutting of the money is the toughest most mundane part of it all. Any yeah....that's a cable lock around a cardboard box (It's where the big bills are kept). The kids think it's cool as all hell and their breakin' their buts so they can get that cash and do some shopping at.......
Chris' Store Like the money and everything else these little goodies come outta my money and don't cost anyone other than myself a single yen.
I know their all eyeing those 500yen coupons which means I'm out some money but it's worth it to get them excited. I explained it more in this other post HERE

I learned today, that if a Japanese J.H. boy likes a girl he gives her a button off his uniform at graduation. Ayaka got 4..(3 pictured)