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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Take it....make it better!!

So I taught this page then turned it then...turned back to it thinking wait! There's more gold to be mined here. After the generic (though necessary lesson) I thought it would be a good chance for them to 1) Make observations 2)Describe those observations and 3) And most important of all...give opinions based on their observations...."Mega-Boom"....that's the sound of a great idea. (Imagine it sounding like the BASS hit from LL Cool J's "The Boomin' System")

I told them to start with the obvious..

"The woman is wearing a _____apron."
(They get 1pt for each and $1 (school money) for every 5 opinions/observations.)

After a slew of He is/ She has stuff came the opinions. Lot's of interesting ones.

They start by saying "I think..." and were off, laughing and rolling along building a crazy story.

For example.
That's Obama
But not his wife (Shhh!!)
Obama is not her only squeeze either apparently.
He's cooking a chicken raised in Australia
She has diamond earings.
There is soup on the pot in the stove.
Her ugly shirt is from China.
The carrot was grown in Taiwan??

and it goes on...amazing fun.

I had another paper with a man holding an alligator. according to my other class he was:
John MCain's brother
and a terrorist
was raising 100 alligators as a guise to deliver W.M.D.s
etc etc.

The stuff kids say sometimes shocks me back into youthful sanity.