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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pokemon EIGOMON!!

If this were MY "A Day at School" that card would say "Chris, your suspended for 3 days and we need to meet with your Mother before you can
return to normal classes"

The A4 Blown into poster size...gotta have it like that I.M.O :)

I am making my own cards for the game. I think the "No!!" on the front let's you know something bad is coming.

for example....Hmm....

"Write your name on the board 3x in English in 30 seconds to proceed"

If your name is Yu Itoh...your golden...if it's Shunosuke Matsubayashi you may be _____ed!! (none of my students have such names B.T.W)

Pokemon meets the English Classroom!! I have zero clue about the Pokemon game system so I need to get my students to "learn" me. This game is provided free by my favorite English teacher resource site...MES English which is HERE and in my sidebar.
I am sure my students are going to absolutely slaughter me at this "I" ever catch on..I will show them "No Quarter" Ohhhh yeah, Just "Picture me Rollin'"!!

***I just wedged a shout out to an English site, 2pac and Led Zeppelin in one post***