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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Japanese girls like .. Pen Wars V.2!!

So one of my Elementary school girls saw a previous post here about another Elementary school girls cute pen collection. She laughed and said she had more cute ones. Sooo today sho brought 3 cute pen cases filled with the goods. I post this pic because it is expected of me. No joke. Her mother knows she brought them in and not posting this might offend. Somewhere another girl laughs at another collection that doesn't cut it (according to their own "cute standards").

****Somewhere, one of my Elementary/J.H. girl students is smiling, while clutching 4 pen cases ;)****

I like the ELMO drowning one the best!!

They all keep their cash within arms reach. This money system has become the 3rd best all time far.

#1 The "Top 10" list
#2 Diaries (starting from age 5)
and now
#3 Pay for performance.

Which is going to cost me a small fortune personally. I quit drinking 38 days ago so it's a financial wash between the beer and the 500yen coupons (please GOD let that be the case)

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Hanami Party Update.
Have learned that the Japanese American Society ( outta Iwakuni ,Japan)is bringing 100 members to the party/festival and that's about 200 total. That is the limit that can be managed. I look forward to setting a new attendance record. The Previous was 138. I love the stress that comes with holding large parties but without students like Waka and co-host's like Ann Alisa this would never be possible.

Thanks to them and everyone else for the hard work that goes into such a big event!!!