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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Japanese Girl Cute Pen War V.3 Minami is #1

Minami wins!! The quality is too much for Moe to match. I Love the pencil that tells your fortune!! The one pictured says something like "You are a God amongst mere mortals"

***My ignorance is MY bliss so don't translate it for me, I wanna keep my "bliss" ;)***

Even the money gets it's own little carry case. It used to house pens before but now it plays a more important role...protecting the money :)

(Above) The quality is high and that's why Minami is #1 for now.


Each class has a certain amount of money attainable to be split amongst the group members based on performance. So 2 people (2 were absent) split cash that was meant for a 4 person class..LUCKY!!!! They are getting into "Big Money" territory and they count it again...and again. At first, they liked the "volume" of having lots of $1 bills but they now are shifting into "exchange' mode and the $10's and $20's are getting the action now.

can I have/exchange (1 - $10) for (10 - $1's) please *******

Variations of that sentence is what takes place during the last few minutes of class recently. I gotta bunch of money moguls and it's fun playing banker to my new junior investors!!!!