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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chibi Devi.. and the Japanese pen war

It's a cute devil. The Japanese can make anything cute if they want to!! Some students have seen the pen post an they laughed and mumbled how next week they're going to show me what a REAL cute pen collection looks like. Seriously, there is a pen war about to erupt in my School and a buncha mothers are gonna be wondering why.. in.. the.. hell!!, are their daughters dragging out every cute pen they ever owned and bringing it to show "Chris teacher"??

She's in the 1st grade and she's about to ...for the first time, spell the name of her own country in another language correctly just from listening to my voice. Wooooo Hooooo!!! There are a million little moments that make me happy to be a teacher. (Yeah, I told her she needs to start with a capitol letter next time)

I love getting honest opinions from Japanese adults about their own corrupt political system......hey ..I'm American I got one of those too!!! But I love my country and she loves hers too.