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Monday, March 23, 2009


If you BBQ for a few people it never becomes an issue. But when your always BBQ'ing for 50, 100+ people it is ALWAYS an issue!! fire RAGING..flames leaping and every hair on your hands and arm burning off!! I did it again and again like the result would be different?? Wind moves...burger or _____ about to go crisp in-front of hungry on-lookers wondering...."is that my ____?".

So arm goes in fire, hair is off, arm is sore (can't even feel hand).

I saw these 2 items right next to each other about to get tossed and "Caveman Brain" kicks in!!!! No burnt arm this party!!! Better late then never forever :)

I will be posting the latest info about the Hanami Party at Fureai Park in Yu-cho within ...well...soon ;)

as previously mentioned about HERE and HERE

A Hawaiian might say..

"Brah, he no da'kine...but sometimes he get um!!"

Unsavory illicit update:
The counterfeiting/laundering..continues.
This is more fun than it should be. I make myself uncomfortable sometimes :(

The story began here