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Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Adult English Lesson

This is a sample of one of my adult students, and the work she does.

1) A personal diary which fills the lesson with topics that came straight outta their life. NOT a textbook!! They also learn their own "personally unique and necessary vocabulary" which describes their life and all that's in it and around it. This student keeps a "Daily" diary. (a.k.a. she's great) others sometimes less than that.

2) A story ripped from the headlines which expands their vocabulary to the current world we live in. Good, happy horrible,shocking....we hit all of them. And they write a short opinion (I love getting Japanese students to give their opinions clearly and with the feelings that those opinions stimulate)...not easy for some Japanese to do at first but it gets quite "lively", which we then discuss.

AND..I got 2 Kickballs off Rakuten....I Love Rakuten!! Saved my _ss many times!!