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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pokemon EIGOMON!!

If this were MY "A Day at School" that card would say "Chris, your suspended for 3 days and we need to meet with your Mother before you can
return to normal classes"

The A4 Blown into poster size...gotta have it like that I.M.O :)

I am making my own cards for the game. I think the "No!!" on the front let's you know something bad is coming.

for example....Hmm....

"Write your name on the board 3x in English in 30 seconds to proceed"

If your name is Yu Itoh...your golden...if it's Shunosuke Matsubayashi you may be _____ed!! (none of my students have such names B.T.W)

Pokemon meets the English Classroom!! I have zero clue about the Pokemon game system so I need to get my students to "learn" me. This game is provided free by my favorite English teacher resource site...MES English which is HERE and in my sidebar.
I am sure my students are going to absolutely slaughter me at this "I" ever catch on..I will show them "No Quarter" Ohhhh yeah, Just "Picture me Rollin'"!!

***I just wedged a shout out to an English site, 2pac and Led Zeppelin in one post***

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Japanese Girl Cute Pen War V.3 Minami is #1

Minami wins!! The quality is too much for Moe to match. I Love the pencil that tells your fortune!! The one pictured says something like "You are a God amongst mere mortals"

***My ignorance is MY bliss so don't translate it for me, I wanna keep my "bliss" ;)***

Even the money gets it's own little carry case. It used to house pens before but now it plays a more important role...protecting the money :)

(Above) The quality is high and that's why Minami is #1 for now.


Each class has a certain amount of money attainable to be split amongst the group members based on performance. So 2 people (2 were absent) split cash that was meant for a 4 person class..LUCKY!!!! They are getting into "Big Money" territory and they count it again...and again. At first, they liked the "volume" of having lots of $1 bills but they now are shifting into "exchange' mode and the $10's and $20's are getting the action now.

can I have/exchange (1 - $10) for (10 - $1's) please *******

Variations of that sentence is what takes place during the last few minutes of class recently. I gotta bunch of money moguls and it's fun playing banker to my new junior investors!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Japanese girls like .. Pen Wars V.2!!

So one of my Elementary school girls saw a previous post here about another Elementary school girls cute pen collection. She laughed and said she had more cute ones. Sooo today sho brought 3 cute pen cases filled with the goods. I post this pic because it is expected of me. No joke. Her mother knows she brought them in and not posting this might offend. Somewhere another girl laughs at another collection that doesn't cut it (according to their own "cute standards").

****Somewhere, one of my Elementary/J.H. girl students is smiling, while clutching 4 pen cases ;)****

I like the ELMO drowning one the best!!

They all keep their cash within arms reach. This money system has become the 3rd best all time far.

#1 The "Top 10" list
#2 Diaries (starting from age 5)
and now
#3 Pay for performance.

Which is going to cost me a small fortune personally. I quit drinking 38 days ago so it's a financial wash between the beer and the 500yen coupons (please GOD let that be the case)

Background info

Hereand Here

Hanami Party Update.
Have learned that the Japanese American Society ( outta Iwakuni ,Japan)is bringing 100 members to the party/festival and that's about 200 total. That is the limit that can be managed. I look forward to setting a new attendance record. The Previous was 138. I love the stress that comes with holding large parties but without students like Waka and co-host's like Ann Alisa this would never be possible.

Thanks to them and everyone else for the hard work that goes into such a big event!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yes "She" Can!!!

She is in the 1st grade H.S. and her Eiken 2 qualifies her to attend the ESL Course at the University of Hawaii. She must wait 2 more years to finish H.S. first though and she'll no doubt be an Eiken 1 by then anyway. I am supremely proud of Yuko!!

Her future is bright and I am happy to play a tiny little role in that:) I am blessed to be the teacher of others.

Hanami Party Map Post

This should, (plus the maps provided) get you there safe? and sound!!

One of my students said she thought these last 2 pics were of some North Korean missle launch facilities :)

Click "Hanami" in the "Label Cloud" to see related posts :)

Monday, March 23, 2009


If you BBQ for a few people it never becomes an issue. But when your always BBQ'ing for 50, 100+ people it is ALWAYS an issue!! fire RAGING..flames leaping and every hair on your hands and arm burning off!! I did it again and again like the result would be different?? Wind moves...burger or _____ about to go crisp in-front of hungry on-lookers wondering...."is that my ____?".

So arm goes in fire, hair is off, arm is sore (can't even feel hand).

I saw these 2 items right next to each other about to get tossed and "Caveman Brain" kicks in!!!! No burnt arm this party!!! Better late then never forever :)

I will be posting the latest info about the Hanami Party at Fureai Park in Yu-cho within ...well...soon ;)

as previously mentioned about HERE and HERE

A Hawaiian might say..

"Brah, he no da'kine...but sometimes he get um!!"

Unsavory illicit update:
The counterfeiting/laundering..continues.
This is more fun than it should be. I make myself uncomfortable sometimes :(

The story began here

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Japanese Translation is.....

I told everyone by newsletter, I stapled a reminder to their payment envelopes and I have this sign on the door ...but I keep getting "are you selling tickets to the Hanami BBQ yet..calls??"

Does this sign say "Chris BBQ's small children" or something ( some kids parents Google translate this page into Japanese so I wonder how the "roasted children" comment is gonna translate??)

Anyway...yes!!! YES!!! Tickets are on sale and the Kickball Tournament will get teams assigned by next week.....I hope :)

Blue tarp on the ground under a flower tree eating a bento????

Lets play Kickball, Lawn Darts, Horseshoes, and eat some Hawaiian food on the top of a mountain!! (Blue tarp under tree optional)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You got a cat like this one?? (off topic)

I think I do. I sometimes wake up with big scratches/gauges in places I can't even reach by myself?? And my cat always seems to be there??... waiting for me to wake-up like some kind of loyal servant (who's serving who??..and who's changing who's box??).

Hmmmm.... This video makes me re-think those hard to reach scratches????

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chibi Devi.. and the Japanese pen war

It's a cute devil. The Japanese can make anything cute if they want to!! Some students have seen the pen post an they laughed and mumbled how next week they're going to show me what a REAL cute pen collection looks like. Seriously, there is a pen war about to erupt in my School and a buncha mothers are gonna be wondering why.. in.. the.. hell!!, are their daughters dragging out every cute pen they ever owned and bringing it to show "Chris teacher"??

She's in the 1st grade and she's about to ...for the first time, spell the name of her own country in another language correctly just from listening to my voice. Wooooo Hooooo!!! There are a million little moments that make me happy to be a teacher. (Yeah, I told her she needs to start with a capitol letter next time)

I love getting honest opinions from Japanese adults about their own corrupt political system......hey ..I'm American I got one of those too!!! But I love my country and she loves hers too.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Japanese Boys, Ikura , Pt. III

No cute pens with these guys. Notice he's got his cash front and center......itchin' to make some more of that....with solid work on this day...he did :)

A shout out goes to flash card hub . com located HERE For making bomb _ss flash cards for free use!! Modern and bright colors...that's what I'm talkin' bout!!

You think they'd mind if I lopped off a few branches for decoration purposes?? Share the beauty?? I'd have to burn my own School down to save the O'baasan mob from doing it themselves ;)

He eats at the King's trough so he's still the "BOSS" in my book.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Japanese Girls like...

REBORN is pretty a hot manga with the young Japanese girls right now!! Hataro is very very cool I hear :) I guess it's a kind of Mafia type series with 20 something books in the series?

Minami has some really cool pens!! We have traded a few in the past. She always has the good stuff ;)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yeah, I got Balls!!

I got Balls!! Just look at those two big beauties!!!

Of the whole deal the, laminating and cutting of the money is the toughest most mundane part of it all. Any yeah....that's a cable lock around a cardboard box (It's where the big bills are kept). The kids think it's cool as all hell and their breakin' their buts so they can get that cash and do some shopping at.......
Chris' Store Like the money and everything else these little goodies come outta my money and don't cost anyone other than myself a single yen.
I know their all eyeing those 500yen coupons which means I'm out some money but it's worth it to get them excited. I explained it more in this other post HERE

I learned today, that if a Japanese J.H. boy likes a girl he gives her a button off his uniform at graduation. Ayaka got 4..(3 pictured)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Adult English Lesson

This is a sample of one of my adult students, and the work she does.

1) A personal diary which fills the lesson with topics that came straight outta their life. NOT a textbook!! They also learn their own "personally unique and necessary vocabulary" which describes their life and all that's in it and around it. This student keeps a "Daily" diary. (a.k.a. she's great) others sometimes less than that.

2) A story ripped from the headlines which expands their vocabulary to the current world we live in. Good, happy horrible,shocking....we hit all of them. And they write a short opinion (I love getting Japanese students to give their opinions clearly and with the feelings that those opinions stimulate)...not easy for some Japanese to do at first but it gets quite "lively", which we then discuss.

AND..I got 2 Kickballs off Rakuten....I Love Rakuten!! Saved my _ss many times!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kickball in Japan.

1) I need 2 kickballs so if anyone out here in Japan can point me to a couple I'd be appreciative. (internet Shopping would be a final way and I'd like to get otherwise lucky)

2) Kickball is HUGE!! Every city has an adults league?? Hawaii has one!! I woulda' joined damn!! I wanna flashback to Elementary school too!! Man, they got official rules, tournaments, a championship and licensed official equipment. These Kickball pitchers are putting spins on the ball and getting REALLY serious!!

At the party we play to have fun but when I go back to Hawaii I'm gonna get with these buncha "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R' Us kid"crazies!!! Woo Hooo!! I want in!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Take it....make it better!!

So I taught this page then turned it then...turned back to it thinking wait! There's more gold to be mined here. After the generic (though necessary lesson) I thought it would be a good chance for them to 1) Make observations 2)Describe those observations and 3) And most important of all...give opinions based on their observations...."Mega-Boom"....that's the sound of a great idea. (Imagine it sounding like the BASS hit from LL Cool J's "The Boomin' System")

I told them to start with the obvious..

"The woman is wearing a _____apron."
(They get 1pt for each and $1 (school money) for every 5 opinions/observations.)

After a slew of He is/ She has stuff came the opinions. Lot's of interesting ones.

They start by saying "I think..." and were off, laughing and rolling along building a crazy story.

For example.
That's Obama
But not his wife (Shhh!!)
Obama is not her only squeeze either apparently.
He's cooking a chicken raised in Australia
She has diamond earings.
There is soup on the pot in the stove.
Her ugly shirt is from China.
The carrot was grown in Taiwan??

and it goes on...amazing fun.

I had another paper with a man holding an alligator. according to my other class he was:
John MCain's brother
and a terrorist
was raising 100 alligators as a guise to deliver W.M.D.s
etc etc.

The stuff kids say sometimes shocks me back into youthful sanity.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hanami Party Ticket

God Bless Roxio Media Creator (Thanks Pirate Bay!!!) for helping make just berely acceptable advert for what is going to probably the largest party I've ever held...jointly held with JAS of course. A kid with a box of Crayolas could do better'll do :)


Printed about 200 tickets and I hope that's not enough!! I added an Easter egg hunt icon which was missing from the first 100 printed. Sorry!! I know that activity takes time and effort to so I'm sorry I left them off the original tickets..