Show me an example SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! | Chris' English School

Monday, February 23, 2009


Money does not buy happiness...that's the rumor anyway. But it might buy you something cool!! Instead of giving seals to kids who perform exceptionally (not a bad idea in itself) I will expand the performance/reward spectrum just a bit for my kids. Instead of a shiny seal they will get some cold hard real looking (as in Monopoly) cashola!!

I will reward them with a clear and achievable bonus system (which is the same as giving candy or stickers) but better!!

Because they can spend it right away at the first chance they can afford something. Like how I manage money :( Or.... they can save for something special, more expensive, which will teach them self control patience and money management. Sadly I have none of those precious skills but I know some of my students do now and others will learn.

Message to Kids: This is NOT a pawn shop!! Do not bring in your sisters doll or your brothers D.S. game because I will not accept it!! And don't lose your money because if you lose your's gone!! Just like Mommy and Daddy you have to keep it safe.

I could insure their money for a fee like the F.D.I.C??? That will come next year I guess :)


So yeah, it dawned on me (actually I'm not so bright sometimes so "dawned' is miss leading...let's say it "late evening'd me") ....I gotta lamitate and cut every single one of these bills...less than 1/20th is pictured. Teach, cut, laminate and prepare for the coming party IS my life for weeks :(

I'm about 10% done creating my bank money. Now I just need to launder the cash through my School under the guise of a reward system..and wala!! Clean and laundered fake money!! Yeah baby!!! Wooo Hoo !! Who's the fool now??? Huh??