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Monday, February 23, 2009

Fureai Park (Location Photos)

I will be Co-hosting a Hanami/Easter/Hawaiian BBQ...a fairly un-common combo me thinks ;) with J.A.S. (The Japanese American society) based in Iwakuni. A fantastic organization that promotes cultural exchange between America and Japan.

The location is stunning and the facilities top notch!! There a trails all over with amazing views in all directions. Anyone can roller blade as well so long as they have your blade size available. I/We will try and provide as many activities as we can so that all who join will have an experience to remember.

I will provide specific details A.S.A.P so stay tuned and mark your calender for Sunday April 5th!!

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Were going to play some mixed 7 on 7 KickBall as the main sporting event at the party if that's all cool with J.A.S?? Unless their....scared???
Nah, can't be, since teams will be chosen that day and daddies will seperated from their little angels ;)