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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pics of the week!!

My "Super Class" Showing me the money!!! They are awesome!! and 1 of them already has $41.00!!

Getting 100% on a grammar test designed for J.H. while your still in Elementary one way to make the teacher happy, build self confidence and .... make some money :)

It's called the "Obama Chair"?? And Chiharu is taking her test in it.

Complete with talented's still my favorite diary!!!

Her sister gets 100% so she has to get 100%. Sibling rivalry is good for me and for least when it comes to challenging English!!

Can a 6 year old pass Eiken 5?? We are about to find out!! (She has never left this little town. F.Y.I

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fureai Park (Location Photos)

I will be Co-hosting a Hanami/Easter/Hawaiian BBQ...a fairly un-common combo me thinks ;) with J.A.S. (The Japanese American society) based in Iwakuni. A fantastic organization that promotes cultural exchange between America and Japan.

The location is stunning and the facilities top notch!! There a trails all over with amazing views in all directions. Anyone can roller blade as well so long as they have your blade size available. I/We will try and provide as many activities as we can so that all who join will have an experience to remember.

I will provide specific details A.S.A.P so stay tuned and mark your calender for Sunday April 5th!!

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Were going to play some mixed 7 on 7 KickBall as the main sporting event at the party if that's all cool with J.A.S?? Unless their....scared???
Nah, can't be, since teams will be chosen that day and daddies will seperated from their little angels ;)


Money does not buy happiness...that's the rumor anyway. But it might buy you something cool!! Instead of giving seals to kids who perform exceptionally (not a bad idea in itself) I will expand the performance/reward spectrum just a bit for my kids. Instead of a shiny seal they will get some cold hard real looking (as in Monopoly) cashola!!

I will reward them with a clear and achievable bonus system (which is the same as giving candy or stickers) but better!!

Because they can spend it right away at the first chance they can afford something. Like how I manage money :( Or.... they can save for something special, more expensive, which will teach them self control patience and money management. Sadly I have none of those precious skills but I know some of my students do now and others will learn.

Message to Kids: This is NOT a pawn shop!! Do not bring in your sisters doll or your brothers D.S. game because I will not accept it!! And don't lose your money because if you lose your's gone!! Just like Mommy and Daddy you have to keep it safe.

I could insure their money for a fee like the F.D.I.C??? That will come next year I guess :)


So yeah, it dawned on me (actually I'm not so bright sometimes so "dawned' is miss leading...let's say it "late evening'd me") ....I gotta lamitate and cut every single one of these bills...less than 1/20th is pictured. Teach, cut, laminate and prepare for the coming party IS my life for weeks :(

I'm about 10% done creating my bank money. Now I just need to launder the cash through my School under the guise of a reward system..and wala!! Clean and laundered fake money!! Yeah baby!!! Wooo Hoo !! Who's the fool now??? Huh??

Still the Boss.."Ikura..biting ears and taking names!!"

For those not following the life of the "Boss"....The original post is here

Just in case you were wondering...he still scares the crap outta all the other cats in the area ;) I'd like to think the steady diet of cheese and dried fish contributes to that!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Keep Pushing!! and "The Giving Tree"

Yup.....more tests ;)Minami did GREAT today!!!!

Chinami and Chiharu also had an amazing day test wise. They must have a great teacher!!...Huh?? Who said that??

"The Giving Tree" has got to be one of the all time greatest books ever written for kids....or some adults (raises hands) for that matter. I recommend it be given to anyone afflicted with the "What about Me" disease.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The School and Me!!

She got a 100% on her Eiken 5 prep test. She is also in the 3rd grade :) If brains were bombs...her's could do some major damage!!!!

Natsumi playing the spelling game. The last gets a seal. Minami .O won this round ;)

On a personal note:
Last week was bad for me. It was the stuff of bad legends!! Sorry to some and thanks to others. I am O.K. thanks for caring and sticking with me :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New #1 !!

Chinami is the new #1 in my school and she hasn't even entered J.H. yet!! She has a very bright future ahead of her. Thank you for trying so hard Chinami :)

By the way...]

Does any adult student of English in Japan NOT own the translated book of Obama speeches?? it's like Billy's boot camp was last's everywhere!!

The Big PUSH!!

I have recently started making a big push towards getting every student (kids) in my School involved with the Eiken Step test system. Not because it's great. But because it is an easy way to get them their first officially recognized achievement in English.

All the students who challenge and pass get a nice sense of accomplishment and it is good motivation to keep going when things get tough.

I have 1st graders studying for Eiken 5 right now :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Impressed :)

She is in the 3rd grade and her writing is beautiful and she does her own diary at home by herself. When I was in 3rd grade my writing wasn't so neat and my grammar was...never mind. Moe is definitely one of my stars!!

Yu is in the 1st grade and she is reading J.H. grade 1 stories. Again....when I was in the 1st grade I'm SURE I was not reading at this level. They get everything right!! I really get blown away by these kids sometimes :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl adds

The best commercials in America always debut during the Super Bowl telecast. This is the one broadcast where people go to the bathroom during the show and not during the commercials.

Funny stuff!!

The doritos add was made by 2 amateurs for 2000 dollars and it won then 1 million dollars :)