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Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Favorite Pics of 2008 !!

1st Prize!!

This crew scared the kids sooo bad that half the students wouldn't even enter the Haunted House. Next year we will expand an open to the public!! (the 2 girls in-front are students...not actors from the Haunted House.)

2nd Prize!!

Yeah...we roasted a WHOLE pig!! This year (2009) is the year of the Cow....How appropriate since this year...I'm roasting a Cow!!!!

3rd Prize!!

These 2 both have a chance at passing Eiken 1st Grade by 2nd year of H.S. They passed 5 and 4 just this year by flying colors. Chinami on the right is still in Elementary School!! I'm lucky to be a teacher with such great students!!!