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Monday, December 28, 2009

Protect Yo' Neck....seriously.

I would be the white guy about to take one on the crown ;) Luckily it's another guy but i got several of the same hits when I boxed.

Tuck your head into your shoulders. I still got 2 "stingers" in my time and lost all feeling below the neck for a few seconds....scary!!

So I thought I was having a heart attack. My left hand was tingling my chest was hardening and it felt like someone was sticking an icepick into my back right behind my heart.

I had been feeling one or the other for 5 days but all together really scared me bad. I went to a clinic near my school in Japan and explained my symptoms. He straightened my shoulders, tucked my chin into my right shoulder and softly pressed on top of my head...?? WTF is he doing?? Turns my head left, tucked into shoulder, presses down....BAM!! I felt like someone stabbed me in the back! I have broken bones,torn muscles,had surgery 2x, dye injected into a knee, had cotton stuffed up in my nose and just below my eyeball ( while fixing my nose which was also damaged while boxing in and out of the ring)and then removed while awake. You would have to have it to understand how painful it is.
By far the worst had been when I fully separated my shoulder while totally wasted. The pain was so severe it shocked me sober and stayed "shocking" for days. Today was second only to that. I have a pinched nerve at my C7 which explained the numb hand right away. My rough life and combo off headfirst tackles and getting wacked on top of my head explained the rest according to the 1st doctor.
I went to a specialist right after that who performed the head push for..??? Proof?? Deep seeded _____? I coulda stopped it. I knew what was coming and I shoulda got up and walked out but I sat there like a moron and got a shot of mind numbing pain...AGAIN.

I began treatment today and it still hurts like hell. I feel more pain than when I met the 2 doctors but at least my heart is not the problem (thank you GOD!!)

If I have a son I'd like him to pick Boxing OR Football but not both. And street brawling is out. A daughter would be nice :) Until she starts dating and then I'll wish I had a son ;)

I used to love to say "protek yo neck"
I shoulda taken my own advice ;)
I'm not supposed to tip my head back for a while but I have to somehow take down a ____load of Christmas decorations? Life is a trip with how it times stuff. Oh well...I wish myself good luck with that not realistically possible task.

The night Mike Tyson beat an aging Larry Holmes who had beaten an aging Mohammed Ali, he was the greatest heavyweight boxer who ever lived. His style doomed him to a short reign as it was based on youthful ferocity. But on that night, no jab or back peddaling could have kept him off. He woulda' destroyed Ali on that night. Prime V.S. Prime, Tyson was the Greatest.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cool Christmas gift!!

I got many nice gifts from my students but this one is really special :)
It's an original and it has my birthday and initials on it! It's very very cool!!!
Thank you Chikako!! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Schools Christmas lights (That's it...done)

That's it for this year. I added a couple of things and I'll let it stay like this. I'm happy that some of my neighbors have been inspired to decorate their houses. It's kind of competitive but it makes the whole area look better. I couldn't imagine not doing this. If you got an English School in Japan and you see this post please hit me up and let me check out your Schools display.

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Party in Japan 09

Everyone got a little of everything so they could come up for seconds and gorge on what they liked best.

Most everyone took pics with Santa (slideshow on the way) and I appreciate Santa making the trip down to Yanai! Thanks Santa ;)

The party room was over filled and the "Name that Tune" game got started slow as a result.

Lot's of cakes and sweets by the students. There was A LOT left over but that's a good thing!!

The "Shooting Range" was big fun!! It will stay around for a while even after the lights come down ;)

Special thanks to everyone that helped make it a great party! I was so busy i took less pics than usual and i totally forgot to take pics of the 2 man "shooting gallery" I'll post pics of that another time alone with a "Santa slideshow"

Merry Christmas from Japan :)

Some of the Santa pics :) This is less than half of the pics but watching a long slideshow isn't always fun so I made a mini version. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Party in Japan 2009 part 1

The toolz :)

The foodz....some of it anywayz :)

I got this as a birthday present a while back and it gets coals fired up REALLY fast! I don't know what I'd do without it now.

If i did chop down a beloved Sakura tree i would not admit it. I'd say it is debris from a typhoon and stick with that ;)

It's a smoker :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day before the Christmas Party

Saturday's Elementary Girls about to bust a "rubber" cap in my dome :)

He got 2nd in his grade in English and 18th in this prefecture. I'm hoping he grabs #1 next time. Just like a girl in another H.S. (below) They both need to be snagging the top spot back....again!!

Brineing(?) the 2 turkeys for tomorrow. I will be up damn early tomorrow to get that smoker up to steam before 7 am. Tomorrow is almost the shortest daylight day of the year but it is definitely MY longest day. Starts in the dark and ends there too. I'll be posting a few times over the course of the day.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas party (The meat)

the meat of the Christmas party menu almost 0 degree weather :)
It's about 54lbs of meat in total thats..26ish Kilo? It's A LOT :)

It will be cooked in a smoker and that's cherry wood soaking in water for flavor ;) The turkeys will be brined over night

She's practicing for the shooting gallery which will be one of the parties kids activities. The adults will be playing "Name that tune, Jeopardy, and Pictionary using a 6 person buzzer system so each team will send new members every 5 questions or so.

A cute gift from one of my students yesterday .
Thank you

Lost the original. Got a new one as a gift :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Japanese Winter Gift ...Yay!!

I got this GREAT Japanese Winter gift today!!!
Thank you!!! I should add a "Steak" tab because I get a lot of em'!!
Lucky me :)

Yeah that's snow in the weather report!! I could usually do without it but since this is the season and the party is soon...I'm cool.....freezing with that ;)

Christmas, and kids with guns. I's pure genius :)

Happiness squared ;)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Inspire the next ( D.I.Y. Computer Rigs)

I just convinced a H.S. student to build their own rig. It is a pretty simple endeavor (no harder than a 8-10 piece puzzle)and it gives them more understanding to what's going on under the hood. You can upgrade easier and if it's not a software problem that ills you then you can attack the hardware side with confidence while troubleshooting.

I built 2 rigs and the school rig has undergone several upgrades and will soon approach retirement but it's been spinnin' cycles for 6 1/2 years so she deserves her retirement. I found a new case (Coolermaster scout) while showing my student how easy and cheap it is to build your own unique masterpiece.

She says she fell from #1 to #2 in English in her grade because a boy who lived in America for a few years via dad's job unseated her. He just beat her and she improved over her own score in July when she was #1. Alright....I'm cool with that as long as she kicks his sorry ass next time.... which I think she's gonna do because she doesn't like being 2nd. Does anyone like being 2nd???

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy like an Elf (Christmas Party prep in Japan)

The tree looks gorgeous. It's sad to see a crap camera ruin a great photo. I will start using the old camera as a paperweight pretty soon since it can't do it's job.
I made a special shelf for the Peanuts Hallmark Christmas ornament collection. They were weighing down the tree and the balance was way off visually not to mention the fact that some are huge and heavy and I wonder what kind of tree they think people are putting these on? In Hawaii I always go with a "Douglas fir" which is stout but even it would have trouble with some of these ornaments.

I bought this little set last spring and the outdoor parties were too windy and the Halloween party was too crowded so I think I'm going to set up a shooting range during the Christmas party. These little pump action shotguns get send a rubber dart fast and accurate to about 15ft which was a big surprise to me. (yeah, I tested it).

Coolness :)

I'll be more active as the Christmas party approaches.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas display in Japan daytime (70% finished)

Got a little CD player jammin' Christmas classics from under the rotating balloon tree. Just listening to it got my spirits up and back in the mood after a terrible start to the week because of a mystery illness and a cough from hell or a curse put on me by a neighbor for my scary and offensive Halloween display...;)

This is a very nice piece of meat that will be used at the party but it's not the Ham I'll smoke all day party day..that one along with it's Turkey friend are both 2x the size. There will be A LOT of food at the Christmas Party :)

The December 2009 Top Ten list :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas lights in Japan (2009)

I'm just getting started's a pic :)


My student got me some FAT pieces of steak and that makes teacher VERY happy :)

Thank You!!