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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You tell me :)

I realized last Saturday, that my J.H. (advanced) students are at a high enough level to give me oral book reports. I will keep doing Mainichi based homework assignments as a vocabulary catcher but only 1 time a month. The other 3 classes will be one student bringing in a book that they really enjoyed (Japanese preferably) and introducing it to me. This is fun for them and will help build their conversation skills since, of course, this is all being done in English :) They can enjoy introducing me to books,writers,characters that they enjoy or were inspired by.
The other students will have to ask their questions about the book in English.

Japanese kids love reading so this seems to be a "no-brainer". Why not let them bring that joy into the English classroom. Anything that gets them talking in English is a good idea.