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Saturday, July 5, 2008

English Conversation 101

The "Hot Seat" idea was another one of my keepers!! They have a blast taking over the class and firing questions at each other.

They got a little carried away though...

They started asking questions like "What do you think about the Japanese Agricultural Ministry" Seriously.... These are Elementary students!! I had to tell them to drop it a notch. They were goin at like it was "stump the classmate"!!! I'm happy with "What do you think about ____?" for now. It is all about opinion giving and confidence in expressing yourself!!

Kanuka joined Yuko and Saki's class and....
Amazing!!!! Amazing!!! Amazing!!! They spoke ALL English for the hour and it was some tough topics!!! I am VERY happy Kanuka changed her class. This J.H. class is one of the best in my school, and that includes the adult classes!!!

Chiharu got 47 out of 50 on her Eiken :) Next time I want 100% but 94% will do for now!! Good job Chiharu!!!