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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Club "Crazy"

I took a pic because...just looking at it makes me sweat :( I average about 15 minutes on it during this smothering type of heat. Any more and I would pass out. Unfortunately kids who are members of school sports clubs are not so lucky.

Many schools in Japan require kids to attend their club almost everyday during summer vacation. They seem to believe that idle time is the devils playground so just keep them busy ( this is how it was explained by teachers and PTA mothers to me)
Families cannot plan summer trips because the kids are too busy WTF#1!! The kids are so tired it affects their ability to study properly WTF#2!! Remember these are SCHOOL clubs. The place where kids are supposed to be educated WTF#3!!

One of my best students will be absent because as i type, she is in a hospital getting an I.V. drip. Yanai Junior High thinks running kids under the sun all day in 90+ weather is a good thing apparently?? So for bothering one of my best classes...Yanai Junior High gets the big F__ Y__!!!

I played Football (American), Baseball and Boxing for years!! And loved it!! But schools are for educating. NOT for babysitting kids because their parents can't be bothered. Juku's are the babysitters... no wait, my bad. That's where kids go to get the education they are not getting at the School/Clubville.