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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trial Run!! Lesson learned!!

Thank god I made a trial run at the IMU!!! It is waaaay outside my comfort zone, and I have changed directions as a result.

The photos below are of the style we will be using to cook the pig. MUCH easier and fun for sooo many reasons. I can handle building the custom BBQ oven for the new style and enjoy the whole process as is develops but the IMU is just too difficult to be fun. You can't see what your cooking and the result will be known to the cook at the same time it is known to the 100 guests. (when it is un-buried) That is just too much stress!!!

I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders!!! NOW I am ready to rumble!!!!!

So the pics below show the oven you will be seeing on the 13th. 89 people so far confirmed with more expected.

See you at the modified Luau!!

..Roast Pig
..Terri Chicken
..Salads (3 kinds)
.. Assorted side dishes

...Cotton candy machine (Watagashi)

...Soft Ice Cream machine

...Shave Ice (Kakigori)
Blue Hawaii

2 Hula performances
Magic show
Live Music
+ Games!!!