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Friday, June 6, 2008

J.H. Girls V?

Today I was pretty pissed off about some students not doing assignments. I really lit into them good. I hate doing that but as I've told them...the only difference between good and great is...focus. You got a 98 on a test? you missed 2pts because you forgot a period at the end of a sentence? Well then your good but your not great. Great is remembering the small things and getting those 2pts like you should have.

I don't like good.

If you get 75% then "I" need to check my game and work harder. If you get 90+? Then "YOU" have to check yourself!!

These girls slide in for my last class of the day and then just laugh their way through a difficult lesson?? They are so good they don't even realize it.

Cool!!! That'll work ;)