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Friday, June 27, 2008

My Favorite Class :)

This is my "New" favorite class!!! They are sooo fun to teach and the class leader Kanuka is amazing. She should study with adult students!!!

The class is now focused on 2 main parts:

1. Opinion giving. Each week one student has to give an opinion on a topic and then ask other classmates what their opinion is.

2. Sitting in the "Hot Seat" and fielding random questions from other students.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

17 Days

I don't make the ichi nensei sit in the "Hot Seat". I am happy to just let them do self intro's (that slowly expand and become more elaborate). They will eventually develop the necessary skills to field random questions and explain their answers....but not yet!!

17 more days till the "Hawaiian Summer BBQ"

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hot Seat Elem Edit.

Chikako on the hot seat!!! I figured I would do this with Elementary kids....They blew me away!!! It will be a new part of their lesson too!!

Chiharu's Diary. Chiharu Sugoi!!!!

The "Hot" seat

These girls took turns sitting in the "Hot Seat" tonight.

They sit in front of the class and get hit with questions. My question for them was "What do you think about yourself?" Very challenging for a teenage Japanese girl. Actually it is challenging for ANY girl!!!
The classroom is sometimes too relaxing so I have to give them some pressure and making them sit in front of their classmates fielding questions does just that.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trial Run!! Lesson learned!!

Thank god I made a trial run at the IMU!!! It is waaaay outside my comfort zone, and I have changed directions as a result.

The photos below are of the style we will be using to cook the pig. MUCH easier and fun for sooo many reasons. I can handle building the custom BBQ oven for the new style and enjoy the whole process as is develops but the IMU is just too difficult to be fun. You can't see what your cooking and the result will be known to the cook at the same time it is known to the 100 guests. (when it is un-buried) That is just too much stress!!!

I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders!!! NOW I am ready to rumble!!!!!

So the pics below show the oven you will be seeing on the 13th. 89 people so far confirmed with more expected.

See you at the modified Luau!!

..Roast Pig
..Terri Chicken
..Salads (3 kinds)
.. Assorted side dishes

...Cotton candy machine (Watagashi)

...Soft Ice Cream machine

...Shave Ice (Kakigori)
Blue Hawaii

2 Hula performances
Magic show
Live Music
+ Games!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday for the win!!

Minami is kicking tail recently and she has even passed her sister on the "Top 10" ......Sibling rival has it's benefits ;)

I could not understand her diary just 2 months ago and now she has one of the best diaries for her age!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Page peel script

Today I taught the b-side of the "Do you like____?" question, by asking why?

They love it because they get to explain the reasons they like or dislike something. (in English of course)The girl in the picture is 6 and she can write, read, ask and answer the question without breaking a sweat!!!

--I installed the Peel Page Java script on this blog today which was waaaaay easier than installing lytebox!!!--

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

They all come round'

I will introduce my neighbors to another form of advertising straight out the hizzle!! "Street Art" ;) ( for the party ) No worries, it's the rainy season so it'll all wash away!!!

(The chalk was a gift. Thanks Chiharu !!) :)

Once a class realizes that their actions dictate my emotions...well...then it's smoooooth sailing. These guys will be starting diaries a lot sooner than I expected.

Just a snapshot of one of the many pages of questions I expect them to ask me, and visa/versa of course;)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

8 (a.k.a GREAT!!)

The 6-9 year olds have to do "self intro's" at the beginning of all classes till they do it without reading. It is not a memory thing which the Japanese seem to be obsessed with??? because I pepper them with questions.

Friday, June 6, 2008

J.H. Girls V?

Today I was pretty pissed off about some students not doing assignments. I really lit into them good. I hate doing that but as I've told them...the only difference between good and great is...focus. You got a 98 on a test? you missed 2pts because you forgot a period at the end of a sentence? Well then your good but your not great. Great is remembering the small things and getting those 2pts like you should have.

I don't like good.

If you get 75% then "I" need to check my game and work harder. If you get 90+? Then "YOU" have to check yourself!!

These girls slide in for my last class of the day and then just laugh their way through a difficult lesson?? They are so good they don't even realize it.

Cool!!! That'll work ;)

Another book I recommend

This pic shows the back side of their diaries along with a book I make copies from and assign 5-10 sentences for them to copy. Instead of building vocabulary word by word, we start building it phrase by sentence. It has been working great. I am using this for kids down to 7 years old but you could use it all the way through adult.

Another reminder about the Luau Party :)
I was planning on getting the pig from Okinawa, but, I may get it from closer to home? The shipping cost for 50Kg of pig is high so getting it around here would be easier if I can. Getting a whole pig is not so easy. Okinawa is my ace in the whole if all else fails.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

T-Minus 40 days....

I bought some Shave Ice syrup yesterday which marks the first purchase for the Hawaiian Beach party.
The sheer size of this party requires a special meeting between all those who will assist in bringing it together.
Cooking this whole dressed pig (40-55Kg) is the top of the BBQ mountain and it's success will earn me a fifth degree black belt in BBQ'ing ;)

A map to the location on Oshima island can be provided, otherwise, people can meet at Chuo food parking in Yanai, at 10:30 am, to meet and follow me to the party.