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Friday, May 16, 2008

A NEW Co- #1

The girl on the left is 13? And she is (as of next month) a co-#1. The students are ranked on, among other things

1) English level compared with others of same age.

2) Quality of work. (In the classroom or at events)

3) Any and all assignments completed. OR an explanation in English if there is any problem.

4) Marked, and continued improvement.

5) Showing "Guts"! Demonstrated by starting or attempting to start a conversation however simple that conversation may be.

Any student of any age has a chance to be the best in my school. And it has spurred a highly competitive atmosphere which has helped everyone to improve. Other students or their parents felt it was too intense so they have departed for other schools. (Good luck ;) ).

Some parents have not even attempted to bring their child because they heard it was an elite school and they worried their kids could not study in this style (results oriented).
All in all the top 10 has helped me to filter out and discourage all but the most serious of studiers. I don't have a lot of those "strokes of genius" but the ones I have are real keepers!!!

So the girl on the left is OUTSTANDING!!! her English is great , her diary is perfect , her improvement over the last year is ....ridiculous!! I think she has wanted the top spot because she has "guts"!!! now she has it!!!! Congrats to an AMAZING year K_n_k_!!