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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beach Block (X)

I am doing what I hate the most :( Making/laminating flashcards!!! I feel like some drone toiling away when I do this. I cannot imagine working in a factory or office doing the SAME thing EVERYDAY!!!!!! I would blow a fuse and go postal with a scope on the rooftop kinda thing ;)


I want to really enjoy some serious beach time this year...and since Yanai has a 3 month beach season (it's 2 but I add 1 for my head) I have to do this stuff NOW!!! It took the 4th year of my school to get the planning right but I'm on it.

By the way...

Morgan gave me the idea to have a Hawaiian style Pig roast. It's called "Kalua" pig and it's cooked in the ground ina underground oven called an "Imu".

I will do a full Hawaiian Summer Party preview soon.

EVERYBODYS WELCOME!!!! Hula show, Hawaiian Grinds, Ukelele, African Drum troupe (?) Magic show, Cotton Candy machine, Shave Ice machine.....erry thing!!!!!