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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reading on the up!!

I only follow 5 classes on this Blog to make it easier for people to follow along with the progress of the students. The 2 students above are getting very good at reading which is great. If a student is absent during this time ( 1 is ), that student will have a very difficult time catching-up!! I will not help them because it is their responsibility. It sounds cold but I teach to the students who always show up. Doing anything else would not be fair in my book. I am here for the serious studiers and that's the way that goes. The whole point of having a private school is to be able to do it this way. I feel sorry for public school teachers who have 30 - 40 students to contend with. It is VERY difficult and you have to be kinda laid back (a.k.a. not me!!!) or you will lose your mind. I could do it if my teaching style would fly....but it would not!! I would have the P.T.A or Board of Education breathing down my back for being too loud and too intense!!

Below is the diary of the day (O.K. I just made that up) from Ayaka. S
She studies privately and she is a great student.