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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The 10 best in Japan...IMO!

These students are second to none. I am totally satisfied with this group!!

Poor segue attempt... (No connection really)

I have learned that you get one or the other. You can have quantity or quality but you cannot have both. If I accepted every trial student I would have the biggest school in my area....bottom line and it would be just as crappy as the other ones. Fortunately I'm not a sellout. Arrogant, Narcissistic, overly competitive maybe...but NEVER a sellout. Focused and motivated students excel in this school while others end up washing out. There is an old saying that goes...."Your either on the train,... or your getting run over by it". Well, my train has about 90 people on it and about 15 have fallen' off and been run over, and about 40 were not even allowed on the train.

By now some of my adult students who read this blog are thinking WTF?? (Japanese version) what is the train doing? why are people being run over by it? It sounds sad. I did not hear about this in the news???

I'll explain it in class:)