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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mama's Boys

After teaching kids for 4 years ( I have about 60 in my school right now), I have come to some conclusions/solid observations. Boys are more sensitive than girls of the same age and it is because of their mothers for the most part. I would not have wanted to study Japanese when I was young. I wanted to ride my dirt bike in the woods or play baseball or just hang out. As a boy I can relate to that, but I'm talking about the effects of an overprotective mother.

I have students with brothers and sisters in other classes, and the mothers always want to talk about their sons while practically ignoring the daughter.

I have had students cry in my classroom after getting told to get with it, or go home, and the girls always come back the next week better than before while the boys tend to start slipping into an emotional cave? The mothers seem to be their facilitators and they tend to make excuses for their sons. "he is sick" or "he is shy" or something else other than the truth which is they are spoiled.

A lot of my adult students are parents and they do a lot of complaining about the attitude and behavior of kids nowadays. Perhaps if some of them looked in the mirror they might see the problem.

Just an observation FWIW!