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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blown Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I got totally blown away by my 4pm little girls class!! They left me speechless? The youngest girl (Yu) who just turned 6 is the best of them all. They really want to do diaries so I said "You can't do that till you can read". Well.....BAM!!! They can read? Not just read.....I mean READ!!

One of them is 8 and she has an 11 year old brother. (Siblings are VERY competitive....apparently?) because last week I said, "your brother is doing this already , so c'mon...let's go already! Well, a week later and she is reading about as good as him. I guess I found her "button". I will only push when necessary ...**cough**.

This is the second class in 2 days that has jumped a level like it wasn't there. I had a couple kids come in yesterday and start chatting it up with me like they have been speaking for years? For sure, the best 2 days this school has ever had! No doubt!!