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Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama pwns Clinton!!

I have just decided that I want this man to be my country's next president. I am a Reagan child and am also a registered Republican in the state of Hawaii. But the lack of anyone outside McCain in the Republican field, and my doubts that a Republican can win the next election lead me to this choice.
That's not the whole story...
After watching Bill Clinton destroy what was left of his tattered legacy by showing once again that this is not about America but about the Clintons!! They will shred anyone in or out of their party that gets in their way. Their supporters made calls to voters claiming that Obama studied at a madrases and swore on a Koran. Both total bullsh__ but it was said none the less. The Clinton's hopefully have begun to be so blatant that they will now be scrutinized by voters in their own party which will bring nothing but pain for them. Good riddance!! (I pray).

Obama is the best candidate to come along in my generation (post Reagan) and thus I throw my considerable weight behind him. I expect a call from someone in the Obama camp within hours of this posting.

Obama for President!!