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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 2008's Top 10!!

By luck the first pic of 2008 is related to one of the best ideas of 2007.

Some Background,
I'm a "poor sport". That's what they called me anyway, because I threw fits if we lost a Football/Baseball game. I once had a little league coach who had a son that played like a sloth on Valiums. He put his son in at a critical point of an important game so he could....? I honestly don't f__king know? Anyway we lost and I exploded.

While his son was woofin' down "Jim Dandies", I was practicing everyday.....everyday!! So while I was freaking out at High Rock Elementary School's baseball diamond, little did I know, I was learning a lifelong lesson!

Winners win (or not, then get pissed they failed and go at it again)
and losers have "enablers" (or over protective mothers),that tell them winning is not important....? I thought that was crap then and I still do.

I consider every kids class like a little team, and when I see someone slacking or just not cutting it.....I get flashbacks, and I stomp it out very quickly. I won't have anyone bother other kids learning.
This Top 10 list has been a great way to show the best kids that I do see their effort and it has been an immense motivational tool! It seems appropriate as the first pic of the year.