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Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Good Book 4 Adult Students

If your a teacher of adult students in Japan I highly recommend this book! I don't teach textbooks but I do prepare my own handouts and tests that focus on idioms/phrasal verbs. My classes are 95% conversation though, and I speak at a very
casual/street level.
The students can get the formal version in any number of textbooks, in any bookstore.
I have found myself explaining things like why a man calls a woman "Bitch" and can a woman say it to a man? and how did it start...etc.
As you can see by the pic, this book does not filter it's content. The students in my School will learn it all and they can choose to speak how they like. I am very much against censorship in almost all forms (except as it relates to children) and I was happy to find a book that doesn't take it upon itself to judge what is proper and what is not.