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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eiken Pefection

Well, I told them that failing was not an option. I said "You will not try, you WILL do!!". I said no one had failed an Eiken in 2 years and it was a streak I expected to continue. I told them that the first test is the most important because it sets a standard.

They were listening!

Not only did they all pass (Chiharu missed the test registration deadline so she did not get to participate) they all got good scores which was led by Hideaki and his PERFECT score!! This was their first chance to really show their focus, commitment and drive. I am a very happy teacher!! As a reward (besides the amazing feeling of accomplishment they feel inside), I think it's time for a winter cheeseburger party!!

No we are not cutting pumpkins in January! It's a picture from 4 months ago.