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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dentists "The bringers of pain"

I never actually drew the horror that occupies my mind but it's there....oooooh yes's there alright! The whistling sound of that little drill, the smells, the bright light, the stink breath of the dentist making you gag. Wait maybe it was the plastic tube noisily slurping every last bit of moisture from your dry mouth which is now covered with a fine dust from your own drilled tooth....or maybe it's the fact that it always took more needles than the assistant said it would?

Me: Do I have to get a needle?

Cute Assistant: Don't worry honey, I'm sure it will be just one and you probably wont even feel it.

**I believed her, despite the fact that she ALWAYS said that, and she was ALWAYS wrong? seriously...WTF!! how about saying:

"Listen kid, you ask the same damn question every time your here? why? are you stupid or something? you know your getting 3 or 4 big needles in your mouth and the first one is REALLY gonna hurt. Now "man-up" and stop being such a little girl and deal with it"

I coulda swallowed that better than getting lied to by adults again......and again.

This simple little picture brought all that back and I now realize my terror is not mine but "ours".