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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chris's Miyazaki Chicken Salad

Every year for the past 5 years I have been dieting. From January to September I go on a no/low carb diet. So when the weather gets nicer, I can go to the beach with a nice body. And from October to December I can pig-out during the American holidays and gain about 8-10 Kilos.

After 14-21 days of strict no carbing I start to lose weight really really fast. So fast in fact, that the first time it happened it scared the s__t outta me because I couldn't stop losing weight!

I had a blood workup before the surgery on my nose last year (damaged from multiple breaks when I was a fighter) and my levels are the same as 10 years ago. (so the fact that I eat ALOT of meat has not had any effect on my cholesterol levels)

The picture is of a souvenir (the Miyazaki chicken) my student Natsumi gave me (thank you Natsumi 143). Apparently the Mayor is a cook on his days off? I gotta say it's the best chicken I have had in Japan!!

Throw your favorite meat on a salad and maybe some tofu on the side and watch the weight fly off.