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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Japanese style (Humble)

Anyone who knows me knows, that I'm a poor sport. If I beat you at anything I can't just be happy with the win. I have to rub it into you, like sandpaper scraping an open wound. I will remind you of the time I pwned you at______ till you f__king die!!

Thin skinned people last maybe...2 seconds around me. So it's always a stunner when Japanese people shy away from boasting about their achievements?
Case in point:
3 of my first year J.H. students just passed the Eiken pre-2. I have not had any student fail an Eiken in 2 years. So when I say lets take a pic they get all gun shy?
On any other day a pic is cool but if it resembles showing off it's a "no-go"

Some of my better points have not rubbed off on them? Give it time....give it time!

So Congrats to Asuka, Kei, Yuko, and Ayaka for steppin' ahead of their peers.