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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why yes, I am a SUPERSTAR!!!!

Well I got my first T.V. commercial under my belt and I gotta say____ Wait!!! One of the "perks" of being "one of us" is, others talk for everyone together...CHRIS YOU'RE SUPERSTAR!!!!

O.K. that's enough...back up...give the star some damn space!

I don't know the American girl.

I really like the picture of her though, because she looks like a "Diva" about to say "Where is my assistant? and where the F__k is my latte'?!

By the way....the commercial will start airing at the beginning of next year.

Oh yeah..
by reading this post, you just brushed up against FAME,...yeah I know.. Your welcome!!

EDIT: I just ate dinner and it's true! Food DOES taste better when your a ssSSSUPERSTAR!!