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Thursday, September 6, 2007

State of the Blog report.

I have decided to bring a little more focus to the blog. I will follow 5 or 6 classes and follow along as they learn with a little about what is being taught and how its going.
It will make it easier to make and follow. Some students don't like pics so they can't be on the blog anyway. The classes I will follow like the fact that they can see themselves on the Internet and their parents can get their only peak since I do not do open classes.

I taught "Go Fish" to the class pictured but instead of reading the cards they just have to say "Name, do you have this card"? Yes I you go etc...after they are comfortable with the game then I will require they read the card out loud without showing it. (the way it is supposed to be played). They can read words but in phrases and sentences is right at the limit for 3 of the 6. They are between 5 and 8yrs old.


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