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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

School Holiday Post

Well since there are no classes during the holiday I will do a "review" post.

Bought a new Fujitsu laptop and love it. came with VISTA and I am very disappointed with it. I already have XP with the paid version of windowblinds and VISTA 3-D desktop so my XP looks better than VISTA and it seems buggy, it seems like what it is....a publicly paid for beta-tester. It also has (un-editable) windows services which send data from your PC without your consent. I could turn those off in XP but not VISTA? Do I mind? In theory but in principal yes. I paid for this thing so I should at-least have the right to tell it who it can and cannot talk to.

I recommend you wait on VISTA till an SP-1 ver.

Me? I will build a mac based computer next time. I am finished with windows.