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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Livin' Yanai style **sweat**

Slippin (on sweat) into the major holiday week in Japan. All the classes are doing great and I have decided to REALLY jump a couple levels with 2 classes.

Imagine we are at step 5 and we go right to 7 and through pressure and sheer will we get there in one highly motivated piece. So after 3 months of struggling they will have a collective "wakata" moment...after which I tell them that they are a full 4 years or more "level wise" ahead of their peers. I have done it before and it does wonders for the confidence.

Because of the way I teach we really don't "skip" anything it's more of a intensity of expectation thing.

The mind of a child/kid/etc. is so strong it can do most anything it "believes" it can. It takes a certain type of class though...and I happen to have 2 on Saturday that fit the mold.