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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Storm troopers .

These 2 are true "storm troopers", they are the only 2 of a 6 kid class that came today because of the storm. I appreciate the effort the parents make to get them here.

The storm the storm?? I will wait till tonight to make a final decision.

(EDIT) Saturday 1:37PM

I have never followed a storm so closely in my life but I am now watching 3 seperate Typhoon tracking sites. I was wondering how they (computer) model these predicted paths?? Well after staring at these animated sat feeds it gets rather clear. You can see the incoming (west>>east) fronts. I can see the one over Korea pushing the typhoon east.

If it is in-fact like that? It looks like when this thing hits the southern tip of Shikoku Island it "should" start going east rapidly..?? So I am waiting till 9am Sunday (a.k.a) the last minute before this is decided.

Back to you bob!!

That was Chris with the local weather..thanks Chris!

In local news...